About us

82175222ProChema® Ltd. was founded and registrered in 1998 in Bulgaria as a fully private company with a main activity – development and realization of complete solutions for maintenance of the machinery and equipment, based on the analysis of the lubrication products in use – determination of the current condition, evaluation of the potential failures and pre-emergency states, planning of the repair activities. The origin of the company as a project section to the Research Department of the Bulgarian Naval Academy “N. Y. Vaptzarov”, Varna, as well
as our ambitions to offer radical new approach to maintenance of the equipment – the predictive maintenance, put us for a short time in close relationships on the one hand with manufacturers and users of lubrication products, leading industrial and transport companies and on thethumb7_VVMU_1 other hand – with manufacturers of analytical, industrial and ecological equipment.

Through trade contacts, joint-ventures and other forms of cooperation, ProChema Ltd. Is leading national company in the field of design and engineering of up-to-date industrial and ecological solutions.