ProChema LTD

UK-Header-Banner-Project-SupportProChema Ltd. is specialized in designing and engineering services, rendered to Bulgarian and foreign industrial customers. The main directions of our activity are design, engineering and commissioning of:

  • automatic lubrication systems for industrial applications ;
  • systems for conditioning, filtration and management of lubrication products;
  • sea, well and waste water purification systems
  • complete systems for bulk handling and dust suppression;
  • lubrication performance audit, predictive maintenance, planning of the repair activities;

In addition we supply to industrial customers:

  • diagnostic and maintenance optimization tools and solutions;
  • oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments;
  • special lubrication products;
  • high technology coatings and surface treatment products;

From 2014 ProChema is pleased to provide Thermography and Visual Aerial Imaging and Mapping Services.


Our aim:

Developing of safe, environmentally friendly and reliable industrial engineering solutions. Reduction of the operating and maintenance cost trough high technology  answers of the engineers needs.